Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A long over due update!!

I have been awful about updating the blog about Jaelynn, the twins and just life in general! I really need to get better at this because Jaelynn has a scrapbook full of journal entries that I wrote while I was pregnant with her and these babies...well..they don't have much right now. What can I say other then I'm mostly just exhausted and lack the mind power to write anything of substance! But I'm going to try.

Last week (a week already!! Man I suck!) I had an ultrasound to check on the babies and brought my mom and MIL along with me. The day started out a little rocky but soon we were on our way to Des Moines to eat some pasta and see the babies!! Both babies are doing amazing even though their home for now is getting quite smooshed! Mommy isn't doing half bad either. Blood pressure is still normal and my weight gain is doing wonderful! My c-section has been moved up to December 3rd. About 10 weeks to go!

Baby A (girl) is weighing in at 1 pound 15 ounces and her heart rate was in the 120's. I'm assuming I put her into a carb trance with my lunch. For the most part she was very chill during the ultrasound but she did make sure to push herself around to get the good spot for pictures. She showed off to the grandma's by kissing her baby brother and patting his head. She did the classic hand on her forehead move that showed me I have another drama queen and she even moved her mouth like she was talking! To me she looks just like Jaelynn did. Round face, chubby cheeks and pug nose! She is a sweetheart that is for sure!!

Baby B (boy) is weighing in at a hefty 2 pounds even! His feet are slightly bigger then his sister and he is sitting up much higher but kind of pushed to the back. We had a hard time getting a good face shot of him because little miss was stealing the show. But he did peek at me a few times and I am even more in love with this little boy. He has a long face and a very strong prominent nose like his daddy. And the chubbiest cheeks! I can't wait to smother those cheeks in a million kisses! His heart rate was in the 140's and he was much more active then his sister. He was kicking his womb mate in the tush during the ultrasound and I nearly grounded him but then discovered why he was being mean. Little Miss's tiny feet had found their way to the bits and pieces and she was kicking away! My two little monkeys putting on a show!!

Even though I've been through a pregnancy before I'm still in awe of how well I know these little people and of what my body is capable of doing! They have such different personalities even now! I'm almost positive that I have another girly girl on my hands (which I love!) and a rough and tumble little boy who will no doubt find mischief with his sisters.

Big sister Jaelynn loves the babies right now. She talks to my belly every night before bed and sings to "her babies". She also gives the belly hugs and kisses when I'm leaving and at any other random time throughout the day. She seems to really understand what is going on and I'm so proud of how well she has adjusted so far. I'm sure in the months to come there will be moments of jealousy but I really think Kevin and I have lucked out and that she will adjust amazingly and be the best big sister!

I'll leave you with a picture. I'm still getting a lot of comments on how small I am and I'm ok with that! I know that I have 2 beautiful and perfect babies growing in there! How blessed am I!26 weeks (I'm almost 28 now so a new picture to come soon)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Preschooler!

First day of Preschool September 2010

How is it even possible that I have a preschooler already! Three years ago this week I was just going back to work and dropping her off at daycare for the first time and now here we are. The first day of preschool. Kevin and I have been talking about this day with Jaelynn for months! We have hyped preschool up so much that I'm even thinking it would be fun! We bought new clothes, new shoes, new Princess backpack and a new Dora folder. The paper work is done, the money has been sent and we have had a tour of the school.

Today was the first day. I was worried that Jaelynn would be upset and wouldn't want me to go. I was afraid that she would cry and I would cry and we would start everyone else crying! I was so worried that I would be that parent have to peel a screaming child off of my body. I can honestly say I was worried for nothing!

Jaelynn woke up bright and early very excited to get going. When we got to the church she grabbed my hand and bravely walked up to the door. She found her backpack hook, got out her folder and headed down the hall to put it in her cubby hole. Before I knew it she was giving me a kiss good bye and walking without hesitation into her classroom. I nearly cried. Then she turned around and smiled and came back for one more hug and kiss before she embraced her new adventure.

There were a lot of wet eyes this morning and most of them were from the parents. I was able to keep myself together somehow until I got to the truck to call Kevin and let him know that all was well. While I was leaving him a message I got choked up and had to collect myself. Just writing this I'm tearing up. I should have known that I wouldn't have a thing to worry about. Jaelynn is an amazing little girl and she meets each new challenge with and open mind. She is a social little girl and will be making friends in no time at all. I should have known the only person tearing up that day would be me!

Go conquer the world little one!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boy or Girl!!

Today was the big day!! We went in bright and early to see if we were having a boy or girl! Kevin and I were so excited we actually showed up almost 20 min early. When it was finally our turn, we went back into the room and started to get settled in. I was working on getting comfortable and in a position where I could see the screen on the wall and the tech had just got started.

Tech: "Daddy...are you sitting down?"
In my head I'm thinking YES! It is a boy!!
Tech: "You guys are having twins!"
Me: "Are you kidding me?"
Kevin: *Laughing*
Tech: "No...I'm not joking..there are two babies here."

Yes...we are now expecting twins! While the shock has started to wear off and we are very excited this is one thing we never expected. The babies look beautiful and are measuring right at 20 weeks 3 days. Everyone is healthy and happy in there. Oh...and we are having 1 boy and 1 girl!

I'm shockingly only measuring 3 weeks ahead and do not look like I'm carrying twins at all. I'm sure that will change in the coming weeks. Jaelynn is through the roof excited! Her eyes got huge when we told her mommy was having 2 babies! She looked like she had just won the lottery!

The babies are laying side by side right now and were beating each other up during the ultrasound. They likely won't change sides but they will change positions within their respective side. Besides having a lot more appointments not much more has changed. I've gained a total of 8 pounds and the docs all seem very happy with that since the babies are doing so well. I'm sure you can all tell by this post that I'm a little scatter brained right now!

We are believing that I will carry these babies full term and they will not have to spend time in the NICU! I would like you all to believe and pray the same thing with us!

Friday, July 30, 2010

A million thoughts

In 4 days we get to see our baby on the big screen! I'm so excited to see this little life growing inside of me and to put some of my anxiety at ease and see if he or she is ok! I've been thinking a lot about the gender too. My gut tells me this time that baby 2 is a boy and that seems to be where my dreams are leading too. Right before our ultrasound with Jaelynn I had a dream that we were having a boy! In my dream I was thrilled, Kevin was thrilled and our young daughter was thrilled too! That is when I realized I had been wrong and we were in fact having a girl. Last night I had 3 dreams (because I get up and pee about 1 million times during the night) that we were having a boy. No surprise 2nd little girl in the dream either. Just my sweet Jaelynn with her eyes bright falling in love with her little brother. Guess we will see soon how accurate my dreams are!

I'm starting to really think about the little things that will change. I've been worried most about how this will affect Jaelynn. She seems thrilled right now with the idea of having a sibling but how is she really going to adjust when the baby is here. We are trying to teach her to be a little more independent right now with going potty (this is also for preschool too) and playing quietly on her own. She is really great at playing on her own but there are days when she is just suction cupped to me when we get home. I don't want her to resent the baby when he/she is the one suctioned to me in the evenings.

I'm trying to think of all the ways she can be involved now and when the baby comes. Have you ever tried to explain breastfeeding to a 3 year old? My girl is smart and even I didn't want to go there with her. I'm sure she will be a great help with changing and shushing the baby (maybe too much help sometimes?).

Also, how on earth am I going to do grocery shopping?? A 3 year old, a newborn and a sleep deprived mom walk into the grocery store.... this is not the set up to some bad is going to be my life soon! Where am I going to put the groceries? Not to mention that we are not getting a bigger vehicle before #2 arrives. We will still have the truck and the Elantra. I'm going to have to go redneck on the truck and carry a tarp I think.

We haven't started remodeling the room that we will move into yet to make room for this child. I haven't started going through totes yet to see what can be used this time. No purchases have been made. Not one single diaper or wipe. I'm 18 3/4 weeks away from my due date and I'm obviously freaking out just a little here!

Monday, July 12, 2010

And then she was 3...

Today you turn 3 years old Jaelynn. Even though it has only been 3 short years it feels like you have been with us forever! I think I say this every year but how on earth is it possible that time has gone so quickly with you. You are so much fun little one. You make your daddy and I laugh every day. We are in such awe over your little personality and how incredibly smart you are. While you are challenging some days (ok...a lot of days) we know that this is all a phase and we will look back on this season and wonder why we wished the days away.

Your favorite things right now are:
-Toy Story (specifically the one with Jessie)
-Your bean animals-Doing things yourself
-Ice cream
-Cuddling with Mommy and Daddy to avoid your bedtime
-Actually doing anything at all to avoid your bedtime

The biggest change in you from 2 to 3 was potty training! We are so very proud to say that you have mastered the potty with the same gusto that you do everything in life. Accidents at night are very rare and you pride yourself on wearing big girl panties. Your vocabulary just keeps getting bigger too. You are able to always express what you are feeling or wanting at any given time. But even with you growing up so much some things stay the same. You are the most sensitive little girl, you love your cuddles, hugs and kisses, you still don't really like meat and your smile still makes my day!
We love you more and more each day Sissy! I can't wait to watch you grow and change through another year. I know that you will be the best big sister that this new baby could ever ask for and I know that you will take the change in stride!

Friday, July 9, 2010

17 weeks!

I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going! Before we know it August will be here and we will be finding out if we are having a girl or boy! Here is a little update.

Baby's heartbeat is very strong and fast at 164! The doctor found it right away this morning and he/she is pulling stunts just like Jaelynn did with moving around lots while trying to get a reading. My blood pressure was 100/67!! I thought I heard her wrong! My swelling is totally normal. She said it is from the heat and humidity and to not worry but to just keep pushing the fluids. The best development this week by far was confirmed today though. The baby can now hear us in utero! Jaelynn has been singing and talking to the baby every night and this week when she started talking the baby would move he/she is responding to big sister already! ♥

We are just feeling so blessed with this pregnancy. Around this time I started having issues with Jaelynn so to have the doctor look bored during the appointment is a nice change!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Daddy: Jaelynn, who is your best friend?
Jaelynn: You are and momma is and everyone!
Daddy: But mostly me right?
Jaelynn: Yes daddy!

Maybe the next one will be mine!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day dawned bright and early for me. For some reason Jaelynn has been having a hard time with morning accidents and that was my wake-up call Sunday. What I really should have done was gone downstairs and got started on the day. Instead I cleaned sis up and brought her back to bed with me and flipped on some cartoons. Really not a shining parent moment but I needed just 30 more minutes.

Once I was able to pull myself out of bed Jaelynn and I headed downstairs to make Kev breakfast in bed. I have to say a big thank you to my friend Lisa that turned me on to a new brand of sausage. Prunell Sausage is really really good! And it made my sausage gravy pretty wonderful...after I strained out the lumps that is. But that is no reflection on the sausage and just pure lack of sleep on my part! Jaelynn also presented Kev with a super cute homemade card. She did most of it herself with a little help from momma.

Anyway...after breakfast we all got showered and cleaned up and headed out. Our first stop was the in-laws. I made my FIL a sugar free lemon meringue pie for Father's Day. He really enjoyed it and had the first slice gone before we left!
Our next adventure was to the Iowa Cubs game!! This was Jaelynn's first game and she had a blast and was so good! We did learn a few things though. Next time we will leave early and eat before we hit the park ($4 for a corn dog! Crazy!!). We are also thinking about hitting a night game next time so the risk of sunburn is less. Besides having to stand in line for 2 innings for food and drink ($3.25 for a bottle of water! WATER people!!) it really wasn't that bad.
Jaelynn's favorite part of the whole trip was Cubbie Bear. I tried to get a picture of her meeting him but I was too far away! She came back to me very excited though and said that she gave Cubbie a "five five!!". Even though the Cubs lost, the outing was a success for our family and one we will do again! I'd say she had lots of fun celebrating a great day with her daddy!
Jaelynn holding the little pink bat (weapon) daddy got her.

After the Cubs game we stopped home and took turns running into the house so we didn't have to wake sleeping beauty. I had to grab my dad's coconut cream pie! Then we headed to my parents house for a light dinner and dessert. My grandma is back until the end of the month so it was great to see her too. After dessert we sat down and played Phase 10. We won't talk about how I did (Kevin Wayne is in the dog house for skipping me without cause!) but we did have a lot of fun and Anna brought home the victory. It was a crazy busy weekend (Sissy also went to her first big screen movie!) but making the memories with my family is what counts.

Friday, June 11, 2010

13 weeks and a healthy heartbeat

What a great appointment!! I love when everything goes as planned. Healthy baby and healthy mommy for sure! My blood pressure (a major source of stress for Kevin) is wonderful at 134/72. I'm pretty sure he breathed a sigh of relief when that number was read. I also had to do a an early test for gestational diabetes because I'm a curvy women (BMI over 30..whatever..). I needed to score below 134 and I came in at 108!! I also gained a pound! I'll have to look back at my pregnancy journal from Jaelynn but I'm pretty sure by this point I had already gained 5!

The best part though...getting to hear my little one. Jaelynn was with us and she thought it was pretty amazing when she heard it. I'm not sure if she understands it 100% but she sure did look like she did. The heartbeat was between much higher then Jaelynn ever was!
The other amazing part of the appointment...picking Baby Faux's birthday!! I'm not a candidate for a VBAC (I'm really ok with this) so we will be doing another c-section. Unless I go into labor on my own (yeah...right) this little one will be born on December 10th!! I'm so excited. And scared. And worried about Jaelynn. And feeling even a little guilty but my great friend assured me that these are all normal feelings. My next appointment is July 9th and then on August 3rd we get our ultrasound. It is amazing how fast things are going this time around!

For your viewing pleasure: 13 weeks... (fitted shirts from now on)

Monday, May 24, 2010

I really meant to post something last week but time just got away from it does so often these days! As of last Friday I am 10 weeks pregnant and starting to feel a little better. The morning sickness isn't constant anymore which is great but I'm still a little limited on what I can eat. The baby really doesn't like fried foods...which is great but that just happens to be what I'm craving! Other then being extremely tired still I feel pretty good.

I had a doctors appointment Monday and so far things look good. They drew blood and I didn't hear back from them so that is good news. We didn't listen for a heartbeat yet but will at my next appointment on the 11th. I was shocked last week when all of a sudden I popped out! I'm still not 100% obvious pregnant but I'm getting there fast this time around.

The best thing in the last week is that I'm about certain I have felt the baby moving for a few days. At first I just figured it was gas bubbles because I was much further along with Jaelynn when I started feeling movement. But last night I laid down in bed after being on the go for the better part of the evening and felt it right away. It could still just be gas but it sure does feel like the first little flutters of life!

Jaelynn is doing great! She is happy that the weather is finally taking a turn for the better and we are able to spend more time outside. We've been having the eating issues again but I'm starting to think the girl just doesn't like plain meat. So I guess I'm going to have to get more creative. Jaelynn just shocks me every day with the things that she says and her little personality. I can't believe in about 6 weeks she is going to be 3!! We had the following conversation the other day while she was going potty:

"Momma...I'm going to go to school soon."
"You are right Jaelynn, in a few months you will be in preschool."
"Will you cry Momma?"
"I will probably cry a little sweetie. But only because you going to school means my baby is growing up."
"Will the baby cry momma?"
"The baby might cry."
"Do you think Grandma M will cry?"
"I'm sure she will. But it just means we are happy sissy."
"Ok...well don't worry momma. I won't be gone long."

I have to remind myself sometimes that she isn't 5!! She also knows her birthday will be here soon and that she will be 3. She can't wait to have cake! Time sure does fly by. It is hard to believe that 3 years ago I was huge and pregnant and couldn't imagine what life was going to be like with a baby. And now, almost 3 years later, I couldn't imagine my life without her!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A little catch up

I guess I kind of just made a huge announcement and then left for awhile...I'm really sorry about that! I've been a little on the spacey side for the last couple of weeks. I'll be 6 weeks (I think) tomorrow and for the most part I'm feeling...pregnant. Much more nauseousness this time around then what I had with Jaelynn. But if that means that I'm growing a healthy baby in there then I'll take it!! My due date is around December 20th by my calculations!! What a wonderful Christmas gift for our family!! The first appointment is May 17th. They will try to listen for a heartbeat then but can't usually hear anything until after 12 weeks.

Things have been very busy around our house the last few weeks. It seems like we are always on the go! I did find time for a nap Sunday though which was great. A couple of months ago we decided to do some revamping in the kitchen. I had all of this dead space that I was filling up with junk because I didn't have storage. So I did some measuring and we went and ordered some new cupboards. Yep...I did the measuring...what was Kevin thinking!!

After some trial and error we finally got the right cupboards ordered and in the right sizes. A couple of weeks ago they finally came in and I couldn't wait to get them installed! Kevin is back to work but they are only working 40 hours so he had last Friday off and decided to get them done. I'm not allowed to touch a tape measure again...ever. Kevin had to do some cutting and we had to completely change the layout but my new cupboards are in and they look great!!
The big pantry cupboard is what is new.My 'walk-in' pantry!!

Unfortunately we could not get rid of the ugly wallpaper in the nook. The people that put it up did not prepare the wall properly and as we were trying to tear it off the drywall started coming off too. But I am going to paint the ceiling and trim in there. I think that will make a big difference. I'm also going to put up a big white board above the freezer so I can keep my inventory there. I just love how my kitchen looks now! I have room to put everything in a place and things look so clean!! The next home improvement project is redoing another upstairs room so we have room for this new baby!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

From Jaelynn....

Jaelynn has something she would like to say....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Meal Plan for 3-22 thru 3-28

Monday: Minute Steak, mashed potatoes and corn
Tuesday: Dinner with the in-laws for Apple's first birthday
Wednesday: Pork loin slices on the grill and pasta salad
Thursday: Spaghetti and veggies
Friday: Something with chicken
Saturday: Bacon Burgers (new recipe)
Sunday: Hamballs or meatballs

I have no imagination this week! I'll take any recipe suggestions...I'm in a major rut! Check out what everyone else is having over at I'm an Organized Junkie!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome to the world!!

I am pleased to introduce you to Damon and adorable nephews! They were born March 16 at 8:39am and 8:41am, 8 weeks early. Damon weighed in at a hefty 4 pounds 1 ounce and Lynden weighed 3 pounds 9 ounces. Both of them are doing wonderful and so is momma!

Damon had to be intubated Tuesday evening for a short time but was off the vent by Wednesday morning and nursing from Gab by Thursday! Lynden has only had to have nasal oxygen since birth...and we were all worried about our little fighter! He has proven that he will not let big brother pass him by. Lynden has tried nursing but hasn't figured it out quite yet. They are both under the billi lights right now for jaundice but for 32 weekers they are shocking us all! At this rate they will be home before their early May due date!
Lynden....Little Fighter

Thursday, March 11, 2010

How do I love thee....

This is for my husband Kevin. I think I sometimes take advantage of the relationship I have with him and just need to remind myself why I love him and why I married him. I can't wait to celebrate our 50th anniversary and look around at the family we have created. You are my everything Kevin. Thank you for loving me!

Things I love about you:
  • You support my crazy dreams
  • How you always say good supper sweetheart
  • the way you always slap my butt. I know I tell you to stop but please don't!
  • The way I can tell you find me sexy even though my body has changed
  • The way you work hard to support our family
  • How you are always there to listen to me when I have had a bad day
  • The way you are so involved with how we raise Jaelynn. i am so lucky to have you support me.
  • How you want to get healthy so you will be around for a long time.
  • The way you support me in losing weight but don't say bad things when I eat sweets
  • The songs you make up and sing
  • Even when we argue and fight I know you aren't going to walk away for good
  • How handy you are with things around the house and our vehicles
  • Your body. I think you are the sexiest man alive!
  • The way you make me laugh when I need it most
  • You aren't afraid to help with the house work
  • How you will get up with Jaelynn in the middle of the night if you know I'm really tired.
  • You put up with my family because you know how much they mean to me. (For the record...he really likes them..)
  • how you are always so strong and constant. I know that Jaelynn and I can ALWAYS count on you!
  • The way you refer to Jaelynn and I as your girls
  • That you put up with my crazy hormonal mood swings
  • How you want to beat up my boss (not really...but I know he would if I asked him too)
  • How I know that you will never lie to me or do anything to hurt me
  • The way you can melt me with a kiss
  • That you know me well enough to know that kitchen gadgets and cookbooks are perfect gifts for me
  • The way you give 150% to everything you do. Whether that be sports, xbox, parenting or our marriage
  • That you are sharing your passion of bow hunting with me
  • How you stick your tongue out when you are concentrating
  • That you don't mind if the house isn't perfect all the time
  • That you always put our family first!
(Thank-you to my good friend who told me to do this!)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Menu for 3-8 thru 3-14

It's that time of week again! Last week went really well. We stuck to the menu for the most part. Jaelynn came down with the stomach flu on Friday so we did throw a pizza in there for Kevin and I to eat. The good news is that the little one feels better and she is a hungry monkey!! Another wonderful thing....the snow is MELTING!!! I may actually be able to get to my grill this weekend!

Monday- Frozen cheese filled ravioli with meat sauce
Tuesday- Volleyball Night! Subway
Wednesday- Chicken Enchiladas
Thursday- Pork loin slices and veggies
Friday- Hot dogs and mac and cheese or Stromboli. If I find a yummy Stromboli recipe I'll switch.
Saturday- Checking to see what my mom wants
Sunday- Sunday roast with all the fixings

I also wanted to post about my quick shopping trip last Friday. This is why I love coupons and am trying to get better about matching sales and coupons.

baby carrots: .88
red grapes (2.03 pounds): 1.99
5 Gold Medal AP Flour: 12.45
4 Old Orchard Juice 64 ounce: 3.96

Total: 19.56
OOP: 8.06
Saved: 11.50 41%!!

This post is linked to I'm an Organized Junkie, where everyone shares their meal plans every Monday.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

I'm not really sure how many people follow this blog that don't know me in person. But in case you don't know who I am let me tell you a little known secret...I love to cook! I started cooking when I was very young and as I've grown older it has become a way for me to unwind at the end of the day. I love knowing that I'm putting a hot (or sometimes cold) meal on the table for my family. I love making people happy through my food. I like structure and organization in my life (umm...control issues) and cooking is a great outlet for me! I'm going to start posting what we are eating through the week and probably share recipes with you. I have been in a bit of a cooking rut the last few weeks. Hopefully this will help me be a little more creative. It would also help if we could find our grill through the remaining 30 inches of snow.

Monday- Easy Sloppy Joes (I make my own sauce), beans and cottage cheese
Tuesday- Volleyball Night! Brats and leftover beans or Subway
Wednesday- Hamburger Stroganoff over egg noodles and veggie
Thursday- Pork roast, potatoes and veggie
Friday- Iowa Deer Classic with hubs! I'll probably grab a pizza for the girls.
Saturday- Hamburgers
Sunday- Fried Chicken and fixins'

Now that I've posted it lets see how well we stick to it! Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Mistress and Early Labor

I finally gave in.* Kevin has a new girlfriend and her name is XBox 360. While I wasn't initially thrilled about the purchase, I understand that Kevin is a gamer. He was so excited when I finally said yes you can upgrade your dinosaur PS2. Then I got the privilege of listening to the pros and cons list for the PS3 and XBox 360. After much debate**, and playing a friends XBox, the purchase was made. With only a small tear in my eye, I watched my husband fall into the arms of a toy. He bought it Monday and hasn't been to bed before midnight since.

All of that changed yesterday though. A wonderful women, we will call her PR, gifted me with Guitar Hero and now I have a new girlfriend too! After a small panic attack last night when we couldn't get the guitar to work we were on our way. For a good 20 minutes I was a rock star. Not a very good one but that is besides the point! We now have a family game! That is right...Jaelynn played too! This softens the blow a little of losing my husband. Kevin told me last night that this really wasn't a game I would catch him playing on his own but he will play with me...and Jaelynn of course.

Daddy and Jaelynn

Check out the rock star tongue!
How am I doing daddy?

I have mentioned on here before that my younger sister is pregnant with twins. I'm so excited to meet my nephews! I just designed and sent out her baby shower invites on Monday and have been looking through different websites for instructions on how to make a diaper cake. I think the cake should be very easy and I'll post pictures and instructions when I'm done.

Gab is right around 30 weeks pregnant and doing much better. A few weeks ago during an ultrasound they discovered that the blood flow to Baby B was starting to decrease. So they have been keeping an eye on this (so far things look good) and just to be on the safe side, Gabrielle received two shots last week to help develop the babies lungs. The doctors are aiming for 35 to 36 weeks gestation. That will give the boys hopefully minimal time in the NICU.

Yesterday Gab's pregnancy took a turn in another direction. She started having contractions and thankfully they were able to stop them with meds. Unfortunately, Gab is now on bed rest! I haven't talked to her yet to get the specifics but it looks like we may be postponing her shower until after the babies are born. I'm going to check with her though to see what the doctor said exactly. If she is on modified bed rest we may still be able to have the shower, just at a different location. Please keep Gabrielle and the boys in your prayers! We really want another 5 weeks of pregnancy just to ensure that the boys are healthy!

*He talked about this almost every waking moment for 3 days...I had no choice...he wore me down.
**MUCH debate!! 3 days worth!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love is....

I really don't strive to be a crappy blog owner. I write post all the time in my head while I'm in the shower. Then I get out of the shower and have zero time to myself and before you know it I have forgotten what I'm going to write about! What I really need is a waterproof laptop....or more time to myself. Anyway, I wanted to write about my awesome hubby! I love him so very much and he made this Valentine's Day very special.

First off I should tell you that Kevin is an avid deer hunter. He hunts with a compound bow and a shotgun but his passion is the bow. A couple of years ago we were messing around one night with some friends and they talked me into trying out Chey's bow. Well...I fell in love and ever since Kevin and I have been looking for the right bow and the right time. That time came about a week and a half ago when Kevin found my bow online. I got it on Wednesday and Thursday Kevin had it set for my draw length and we had a friend cut my arrows down.

Isn't she pretty??!!

Friday we decided to let Jaelynn stay the night with Grandma and Papa so that we could go out on our Valentine's date. Kevin was taking me shooting! I was soooo excited. I even brought my camera but he told me it really would be kind of embarrassing to take pictures of me. We were just about to Happy.Apple when Kevin says, "Man...I really hope it isn't packed tonight." And I totally freaked out! In my mind it was going to be just Kevin and I and the person running the shop. It never occurred to me that there would actually be other people there. When I was younger something like that wouldn't bother me but the older I get the more I dislike being around a lot of people...especially in a situation like this one. Needless to say by the time we actually got there I was so wound up I was shaking.

I finally started to calm down a little once I started shooting. Kevin reassured me that I didn't suck and we were able to get my 10 yard pin and my 20 yard pin dialed in. Then my arm felt like it was going to fall off so we stopped. I had so much fun but did learn a couple of things from my very sexy instructor.
  1. Wear warmer clothes! I was dressed up a little because we were on a date. But the place where we shoot is a lot like a Mor.ton building and was not warm!
  2. BREATHE!! Kevin told me over and over to not hold my breath and to relax. So I'm going to work on that.
  3. Wear a sports bra. If you know me then you know that God really poured out His blessings on my chest. In archery you have to have a certain posture to help you shoot. I found this difficult because every time I got into the correct position my boobs were in the way. Kevin told me I need to flatten them out a little...not something he usually recommends!
I don't know if I will ever actually shoot a deer but I might. Right now I'm just going to enjoy target practice and spending time with my husband. Oh!! Here is a picture of what Kevin got me for Valentine's Day:


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Great Weight Challenge of 2010

It happens every year....January 1 comes and you vow to be healthy, get organized and lose weight. Well I decided this year not to make any 'resolutions'. I guess I figure if I have not expectations for the year then I can't be disappointed on December 31 right? It makes sense to me.

This all started a couple of weeks ago when we were getting ready to go run some errands. Kevin knocked on the bathroom door and said "Babe, I need to lose some pants are too tight!" I totally agreed with him. I need to lose some weight too so hey...lets do it together! In the spare sits a practically brand new elliptical that we got last year. (FOR SALE!!) Kevin told me that he doesn't like to work out on that because he is too tall and hits his head on the ceiling. He would rather have a bike. I was honest with him and said I don't work out on it because I lack motivation.

So we head off to run our errands and instead of stopping at B-Bops for supper we made the healthy choice to have Jimmy John's. Go us! On the way home we decided to put the elliptical up for sale and I decided to join Curves again. But that wasn't enough. You see we both needed even more motivation, so the challenge was thrown down!

30 days to lose 5 pounds or more. It started on January 11th and we will weigh in again on February 11th. The winner gets a 30 minute massage from the loser!

So far I have lost 3 pounds! Due to the weather this week I've only been to Curves once and I'm surprised and pleased to say that I miss it. What a great stress reliever 30 minutes on the circuit is! I think to date Kevin has lost 1.5 pounds. He says it isn't fair because I have equipment to workout on. I say it is fair because guys lose weight faster then gals anyway. Ah...I can almost feel that massage already!

Friday, January 22, 2010

The rundown

When I actually list everything out I can see why I haven't wrote a decent post since August. I've been really busy! And looking back on the days when I could have wrote something I don't think it would have been that great. The last 4 months have been rough in the job area and I'm really trying to not think about it much. I can't change what is happening so I'm not going to stress over it! So is what has been going on over the last 4 months:


  • We found out that my younger sister Gabrielle was pregnant and getting married! Tentative date was set for November.
  • Potty training is in full swing. Goodbye diapers and hello pull-ups!
  • I became even more obsessed with canning. This year I dabbled in salsa, dill pickles, lime pickles, spaghetti sauce, strawberry jam, strawberry raspberry jam, caramel apple jam and apple butter. The 2010 garden will be planned around canning!
  • Jaelynn and I went to the Farmer's Market with Tiff and Abby. It was a lot of fun but so crowded. And a little pricey...
  • Kevin turns 30! We threw a small party for him with our family and close friends. I decided to do a walking taco bar and it was a huge hit.
  • We took Jaelynn to the zoo for the second year. My mom came with us this year and we had so much fun!
  • After a heated city council meeting Kevin decides to run for one of the 5 open spots.
  • Gab decided to move the wedding to October 10th!! 5 weeks to plan! Jaelynn is the flower girl.
  • I started my second season of women's rec volleyball and had a blast with all of the ladies! We did pretty good this year and our final standing was 3rd I think.
  • Gabrielle finds out that she is having twins 1 week before the wedding!
  • First snow of the season falls on October day! This made for some beautiful pictures and a very quick ceremony due to the cold. Jaelynn walked most of the way down the aisle but would not be part of the pictures.
  • Kevin and I celebrate 4 wonderful years together!
  • Jaelynn and I did Race for the Cure again this year with my sister Anna. We also met up with Angie and walked with her group. It was a great morning but cold! This marks the 3rd year Jaelynn and I have done this.
  • My 28th birthday! Kevin and Jaelynn spoiled me with perfect cards and cookbooks! They also took me out to dinner.
  • I took Jaelynn to the pumpkin patch so she could pick her pumpkin out. It was so cold that we didn't stay long and we went during the week so we weren't able to take the tractor ride.
  • We decided to do a fancy pumpkin this year.....I'm sure that won't happen again.
  • Jaelynn was a bow hunter for Halloween! She looked so cute and was able to stay warm on the rainy dreary beggars night.
  • Kevin won a spot on the city council! I'm so proud of him!
  • A wonderful candle making adventure with my new friend Jessica. We still have some kinks to iron out. ;)
  • Thanksgiving! All food, family and fun! This year we went to Kev's parents first and had a wonderful filling dinner. I cooked the turkey and it turned out great. Then we went to my parents for dessert and games...and leftovers. We rolled into the house at the end of the day.
  • We found out that Gabrielle is having BOYS!! Yay!! I can't wait to have nephews!
  • We had our friends Christmas party this year at Angie's beautiful new apartment. It was a great night and so wonderful to spend time with our great friends.
  • Winter has been rough on us so far. We had a major snowstorm on Christmas Eve and that wasn't even the first.
  • Due to the wonderful slick conditions my boss back into my car. I wasn't in it when it happened but my car will never be the same...until the body shop repairs it that is.
  • I skipped my Christmas baking this year. It felt weird but I just wasn't feeling it this year.
  • I started working for Green Turf Florist as a subcontracted bookkeeper. This is the first of hopefully several clients.
  • Christmas was just wonderful this year. Jaelynn really understood what was going on and loved leaving a note for Santa and seeing all the presents the next morning. We are blessed to have so many people that love the little rug rat and he was spoiled.
  • Another highlight of the Christmas season was getting to see Kayla and Jason and their super cute bulldog Billy! We haven't seen Kayla and Jason for years and they had never met Jaelynn. Kayla let me sample her Kona coffee and I will never be the same!
  • The Johnston's came over on New Year's Eve for a bit. We love letting the kids get together and tear things up!
  • 2010 started with a bang of freezing cold weather!!
  • By the second week of January we were all sick. Hopefully that means we are in the clear for the rest of the winter.
  • Ryley turns 3!! I did a Spider Man cake for him this year and it turned out great...he loved it! His mommy and daddy threw a great party with yummy food!
  • My good friend Marsha finds out she is having another little girl! I love this baby boom!
Well that about covers things so far. I know I didn't post any pictures but I just had so much to catch up on! Keep me in line everyone...I don't want to start slacking on this blog again!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Work in process

I'm working on moving everything over to this new blog and getting things organized again. When I do I'll try to do a run down of the last couple of months and get everyone up to date. I've said it before...several times...but I'll try this again! I am really going to try to keep this updated to document our lives! For now enjoy the old posts and I promise I will update soon!