Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Preschooler!

First day of Preschool September 2010

How is it even possible that I have a preschooler already! Three years ago this week I was just going back to work and dropping her off at daycare for the first time and now here we are. The first day of preschool. Kevin and I have been talking about this day with Jaelynn for months! We have hyped preschool up so much that I'm even thinking it would be fun! We bought new clothes, new shoes, new Princess backpack and a new Dora folder. The paper work is done, the money has been sent and we have had a tour of the school.

Today was the first day. I was worried that Jaelynn would be upset and wouldn't want me to go. I was afraid that she would cry and I would cry and we would start everyone else crying! I was so worried that I would be that parent have to peel a screaming child off of my body. I can honestly say I was worried for nothing!

Jaelynn woke up bright and early very excited to get going. When we got to the church she grabbed my hand and bravely walked up to the door. She found her backpack hook, got out her folder and headed down the hall to put it in her cubby hole. Before I knew it she was giving me a kiss good bye and walking without hesitation into her classroom. I nearly cried. Then she turned around and smiled and came back for one more hug and kiss before she embraced her new adventure.

There were a lot of wet eyes this morning and most of them were from the parents. I was able to keep myself together somehow until I got to the truck to call Kevin and let him know that all was well. While I was leaving him a message I got choked up and had to collect myself. Just writing this I'm tearing up. I should have known that I wouldn't have a thing to worry about. Jaelynn is an amazing little girl and she meets each new challenge with and open mind. She is a social little girl and will be making friends in no time at all. I should have known the only person tearing up that day would be me!

Go conquer the world little one!

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