Friday, June 11, 2010

13 weeks and a healthy heartbeat

What a great appointment!! I love when everything goes as planned. Healthy baby and healthy mommy for sure! My blood pressure (a major source of stress for Kevin) is wonderful at 134/72. I'm pretty sure he breathed a sigh of relief when that number was read. I also had to do a an early test for gestational diabetes because I'm a curvy women (BMI over 30..whatever..). I needed to score below 134 and I came in at 108!! I also gained a pound! I'll have to look back at my pregnancy journal from Jaelynn but I'm pretty sure by this point I had already gained 5!

The best part though...getting to hear my little one. Jaelynn was with us and she thought it was pretty amazing when she heard it. I'm not sure if she understands it 100% but she sure did look like she did. The heartbeat was between much higher then Jaelynn ever was!
The other amazing part of the appointment...picking Baby Faux's birthday!! I'm not a candidate for a VBAC (I'm really ok with this) so we will be doing another c-section. Unless I go into labor on my own (yeah...right) this little one will be born on December 10th!! I'm so excited. And scared. And worried about Jaelynn. And feeling even a little guilty but my great friend assured me that these are all normal feelings. My next appointment is July 9th and then on August 3rd we get our ultrasound. It is amazing how fast things are going this time around!

For your viewing pleasure: 13 weeks... (fitted shirts from now on)