Thursday, March 11, 2010

How do I love thee....

This is for my husband Kevin. I think I sometimes take advantage of the relationship I have with him and just need to remind myself why I love him and why I married him. I can't wait to celebrate our 50th anniversary and look around at the family we have created. You are my everything Kevin. Thank you for loving me!

Things I love about you:
  • You support my crazy dreams
  • How you always say good supper sweetheart
  • the way you always slap my butt. I know I tell you to stop but please don't!
  • The way I can tell you find me sexy even though my body has changed
  • The way you work hard to support our family
  • How you are always there to listen to me when I have had a bad day
  • The way you are so involved with how we raise Jaelynn. i am so lucky to have you support me.
  • How you want to get healthy so you will be around for a long time.
  • The way you support me in losing weight but don't say bad things when I eat sweets
  • The songs you make up and sing
  • Even when we argue and fight I know you aren't going to walk away for good
  • How handy you are with things around the house and our vehicles
  • Your body. I think you are the sexiest man alive!
  • The way you make me laugh when I need it most
  • You aren't afraid to help with the house work
  • How you will get up with Jaelynn in the middle of the night if you know I'm really tired.
  • You put up with my family because you know how much they mean to me. (For the record...he really likes them..)
  • how you are always so strong and constant. I know that Jaelynn and I can ALWAYS count on you!
  • The way you refer to Jaelynn and I as your girls
  • That you put up with my crazy hormonal mood swings
  • How you want to beat up my boss (not really...but I know he would if I asked him too)
  • How I know that you will never lie to me or do anything to hurt me
  • The way you can melt me with a kiss
  • That you know me well enough to know that kitchen gadgets and cookbooks are perfect gifts for me
  • The way you give 150% to everything you do. Whether that be sports, xbox, parenting or our marriage
  • That you are sharing your passion of bow hunting with me
  • How you stick your tongue out when you are concentrating
  • That you don't mind if the house isn't perfect all the time
  • That you always put our family first!
(Thank-you to my good friend who told me to do this!)

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