Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day dawned bright and early for me. For some reason Jaelynn has been having a hard time with morning accidents and that was my wake-up call Sunday. What I really should have done was gone downstairs and got started on the day. Instead I cleaned sis up and brought her back to bed with me and flipped on some cartoons. Really not a shining parent moment but I needed just 30 more minutes.

Once I was able to pull myself out of bed Jaelynn and I headed downstairs to make Kev breakfast in bed. I have to say a big thank you to my friend Lisa that turned me on to a new brand of sausage. Prunell Sausage is really really good! And it made my sausage gravy pretty wonderful...after I strained out the lumps that is. But that is no reflection on the sausage and just pure lack of sleep on my part! Jaelynn also presented Kev with a super cute homemade card. She did most of it herself with a little help from momma.

Anyway...after breakfast we all got showered and cleaned up and headed out. Our first stop was the in-laws. I made my FIL a sugar free lemon meringue pie for Father's Day. He really enjoyed it and had the first slice gone before we left!
Our next adventure was to the Iowa Cubs game!! This was Jaelynn's first game and she had a blast and was so good! We did learn a few things though. Next time we will leave early and eat before we hit the park ($4 for a corn dog! Crazy!!). We are also thinking about hitting a night game next time so the risk of sunburn is less. Besides having to stand in line for 2 innings for food and drink ($3.25 for a bottle of water! WATER people!!) it really wasn't that bad.
Jaelynn's favorite part of the whole trip was Cubbie Bear. I tried to get a picture of her meeting him but I was too far away! She came back to me very excited though and said that she gave Cubbie a "five five!!". Even though the Cubs lost, the outing was a success for our family and one we will do again! I'd say she had lots of fun celebrating a great day with her daddy!
Jaelynn holding the little pink bat (weapon) daddy got her.

After the Cubs game we stopped home and took turns running into the house so we didn't have to wake sleeping beauty. I had to grab my dad's coconut cream pie! Then we headed to my parents house for a light dinner and dessert. My grandma is back until the end of the month so it was great to see her too. After dessert we sat down and played Phase 10. We won't talk about how I did (Kevin Wayne is in the dog house for skipping me without cause!) but we did have a lot of fun and Anna brought home the victory. It was a crazy busy weekend (Sissy also went to her first big screen movie!) but making the memories with my family is what counts.

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