Tuesday, May 26, 2009


It is a beautiful rainy day here today. Perfect really after a long stretch of sunny days. You need a little rain to break up the sunshine I think. But, alas, it is making me a little blue.... The rain is making me think of what I would be doing if I were at home with Jaelynn right now....

If I were at home with Jaelynn we would be napping with the windows open covered by the "soft blankie". I always put Jaelynn in her crib for sleep time. I can only count a handful of times in the last year when I haven't. She sleeps better in her bed and I usually use nap time to get household chores done. But not today. Today we would curl up together and I would cherish the feel of her warm little body next to me.

We would be so tired because if we were home right now we would have spent the morning doing something very important to us. Jaelynn and I would have baked daddy cookies. Very serious and very hard work! After baking cookies and cleaning up we would sit on the floor and play This Little Piggy or tickle monster. Together we would sing Twinkle Twinkle and our ABC's a hundred times. Do you see why we would be so tired?

After our long nap we would sit out on the porch and watch it rain some more. Jaelynn would take my order...her new favorite pass time...and make me turkey. Then she would insist on brushing my hair and putting on my make-up and primping me until I look just right. By this time in the day I would have to break myself away from my little mini me for just a few moments to switch out some laundry but she wouldn't mind. Princess loves to unfold the laundry I fold and refold it herself.

Perfection. A 4 day weekend with my little bug. It hurt to drop her off today.... I know it hurt her too. Because it is raining and she knows that rainy days are best spent with mommy. Baking cookies for the man we both love and cuddling and laughing and sleeping.

I miss my little bug today.....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jaelynn does Sesame Street Live!


3 tickets on opening night: $49

dinner at Perkins: $30.93

Parking: $6

Seeing Jaelynn's face light up with the opening number: Priceless!

If you have young children and the chance to see this show, please take them! Jaelynn loved the show and was so good! I'm pretty sure that is the longest I've seen her be occupied with something since we introduced her to The Fox and the Hound! I'm so glad we went.

I really thought Abby Cadabby would steal the show for my little girl...but I was wrong. When Elmo came out I'm pretty sure she wet herself! And when the furry little monster left...she cried! She sang and danced along to itsy bitsy spider and even did her best to participate with the characters. When she noticed that Elmo and Abby were going out into the audience she held up her hands...I'm so sad I didn't spring for the VIP seats that would have allowed her to hug them! When all was said and done we did leave about 10 minutes early because Jaelynn's eyes were drooping and her 22 month attention span was shot.

With that being said....producers of Sesame Street Live:

Ditch the intermission. Make the show an hour long and sell your $8 Elmo balloons (we didn't get one) after the show. I promise you will still sell 200 of them.....especially if you make sure parents have to pass the balloons to get out the door.

Other fun and exciting family activities we want to do this summer:

Omaha Zoo
Iowa Cubs Game
Iowa State Fair
Farmers market

We just love giving our girl happy things to dream about!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Better then chicken!


That is exactly how I would describe my Mother's Day! We kept things pretty low key this year. Just spent the day with our moms and our beautiful daughter and niece. Instead of the chicken I expected, Jaelynn decided to get me some lovely picture frames for my soon to be gallery wall. I just love them and can't wait to see her pictures in them!

Instead of going out to eat this year I decided to do what I do best....I cooked brunch to honor our mothers. The menu was fruit salad, a yummy sausage, egg, hash brown and cheese casserole and my famous homemade cinnamon rolls. Trust me...it was just as good as it looks!

After brunch and some visiting with the family we laid Jaelynn down for a nap and mom and I headed to town for a pedicure! I tell you what...I need to do this more often! My toes are beautiful and my feet feel wonderful!

Like I said...it was a pretty uneventful day. I love when we can just relax and spend time with our family without rushing around. Our big exciting news for the weekend is.... WE ARE TAKING JAELYNN TO SEE SESAME STREET LIVE!!! Friday night! I'm so excited and can't wait to share pictures with everyone!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

An important lesson indeed

I love a good life lesson. They make me realize things in my life and help me to be a better person all around. I love them even more when my daughter teaches them to me and they make me a better mommy.

Saturday Jaelynn and I had to run into Des Moines to get Mother's Day gifts and the rest of the food for Sundays brunch. Oh yeah...I threw a brunch to honor the moms...more about that later. Anyway, one of our stops was the mall. So we went and got the grandma's their gifts and Jaelynn and I decided to stop at the food court and eat. We had such a wonderful time sharing a slice of pizza and salad. I found us a nice little corner booth and we sat next to each other. She had to stand or be on her knees so she could reach the table and after each bite she would grab my face, kiss me and tell me she loved me. We took our time and spent a good 30 minutes eating our meal. Then I let her walk instead of ride in the stroller back to our car...on the other side of the mall.

I realized while I was getting pizza face kisses that my time with Jaelynn needs to me more about quality. We spend a lot of time together. The girl is my little side kick. But it isn't always quality time. We are so busy at night that we rush home to fix supper, rush through supper, rush to take a bath and then read a couple of books quickly or just cuddle. On the weekends we are on the go and if we are at home I'm cleaning or catching up on laundry from the week.

I wanted to cry when this hit me because now I feel like I haven't given her enough of me in the last 22 months...which I know isn't true. I love this little girl so much that I can't even put that love into words. When I really sit down and think about it my heart swells and almost breaks because I love her so so much. It is a love that she won't even understand until she is much older and a mother herself. In those moments Saturday night I realized that I need to slow down and enjoy this. If a load of laundry doesn't get done it isn't going to be the end of the world. If I get pizza on my face and shirt because she is giving me hugs and kisses then I need to realize how lucky I am to have those hugs and kisses. This is my promise to you Jaelynn....more quality time with Mommy and Daddy. Less rushing and more slowing down to look at the rock or flower with you, even if that means it takes us longer to get somewhere. More sweet little girl...more of everything we can give you.....

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hi Cow!

Jaelynn got to experience the country life a little over the weekend thanks to our good friends. They have recently purchased a bottle calf for the boys and invited us out for a visit. Jaelynn is currently obsessed with animals...especially farm animals...so I couldn't pass this one up!

We were greeted at the farm by a couple of coon dogs. Jaelynn does a wonderful coon dog impersonation. Once our friend arrived and unloaded the boys were were off.

Now...I'm like 90-95% city. We live in a very small town and I consider it in the country because I have to drive 8 miles to the nearest grocery store. So I show up at the farm wearing capris and flip flops. Jaelynn was also sporting capris but thankfully I had enough sense to put tennis shoes on her! Anyway...the point is we had to actually walk through the pasture a little to get to the barn that housed Olive (the bottle calf). Thankfully the ground wasn't too muddy but we still did have to be careful of the cow pies...and I carried Jaelynn because she said it was icky.

We walked into the barn and there stood the cutest little cow I think I have ever seen! I'm pretty sure Jaelynn peed her pants. She smiled and said "Hi cow!" My little girly girl even pet the cow and got a kiss! I love that I have friends that live in the country so that I can give Jaelynn a taste of this life too! As soon as everyone is healthy we are going to make another trip out to the farm to gather chicken eggs!


What should we get Mommy?

My dear sweet husband called me today to relay a conversation he had with Jaelynn....

Kevin "Jaelynn...what do you want to get mommy for Mother's Day?"

Jaelynn "Ummm...chicken!"

Last year I got toast and coffee in bed and a gift certificate for a massage. This year I'll be hosting a Mother's Day brunch and getting chicken... I will be teaching Jaelynn how to say diamonds for next year!

Don't forget to spoil your moms on Sunday. They do a lot more then you could ever imagine!