Friday, July 30, 2010

A million thoughts

In 4 days we get to see our baby on the big screen! I'm so excited to see this little life growing inside of me and to put some of my anxiety at ease and see if he or she is ok! I've been thinking a lot about the gender too. My gut tells me this time that baby 2 is a boy and that seems to be where my dreams are leading too. Right before our ultrasound with Jaelynn I had a dream that we were having a boy! In my dream I was thrilled, Kevin was thrilled and our young daughter was thrilled too! That is when I realized I had been wrong and we were in fact having a girl. Last night I had 3 dreams (because I get up and pee about 1 million times during the night) that we were having a boy. No surprise 2nd little girl in the dream either. Just my sweet Jaelynn with her eyes bright falling in love with her little brother. Guess we will see soon how accurate my dreams are!

I'm starting to really think about the little things that will change. I've been worried most about how this will affect Jaelynn. She seems thrilled right now with the idea of having a sibling but how is she really going to adjust when the baby is here. We are trying to teach her to be a little more independent right now with going potty (this is also for preschool too) and playing quietly on her own. She is really great at playing on her own but there are days when she is just suction cupped to me when we get home. I don't want her to resent the baby when he/she is the one suctioned to me in the evenings.

I'm trying to think of all the ways she can be involved now and when the baby comes. Have you ever tried to explain breastfeeding to a 3 year old? My girl is smart and even I didn't want to go there with her. I'm sure she will be a great help with changing and shushing the baby (maybe too much help sometimes?).

Also, how on earth am I going to do grocery shopping?? A 3 year old, a newborn and a sleep deprived mom walk into the grocery store.... this is not the set up to some bad is going to be my life soon! Where am I going to put the groceries? Not to mention that we are not getting a bigger vehicle before #2 arrives. We will still have the truck and the Elantra. I'm going to have to go redneck on the truck and carry a tarp I think.

We haven't started remodeling the room that we will move into yet to make room for this child. I haven't started going through totes yet to see what can be used this time. No purchases have been made. Not one single diaper or wipe. I'm 18 3/4 weeks away from my due date and I'm obviously freaking out just a little here!

Monday, July 12, 2010

And then she was 3...

Today you turn 3 years old Jaelynn. Even though it has only been 3 short years it feels like you have been with us forever! I think I say this every year but how on earth is it possible that time has gone so quickly with you. You are so much fun little one. You make your daddy and I laugh every day. We are in such awe over your little personality and how incredibly smart you are. While you are challenging some days (ok...a lot of days) we know that this is all a phase and we will look back on this season and wonder why we wished the days away.

Your favorite things right now are:
-Toy Story (specifically the one with Jessie)
-Your bean animals-Doing things yourself
-Ice cream
-Cuddling with Mommy and Daddy to avoid your bedtime
-Actually doing anything at all to avoid your bedtime

The biggest change in you from 2 to 3 was potty training! We are so very proud to say that you have mastered the potty with the same gusto that you do everything in life. Accidents at night are very rare and you pride yourself on wearing big girl panties. Your vocabulary just keeps getting bigger too. You are able to always express what you are feeling or wanting at any given time. But even with you growing up so much some things stay the same. You are the most sensitive little girl, you love your cuddles, hugs and kisses, you still don't really like meat and your smile still makes my day!
We love you more and more each day Sissy! I can't wait to watch you grow and change through another year. I know that you will be the best big sister that this new baby could ever ask for and I know that you will take the change in stride!

Friday, July 9, 2010

17 weeks!

I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going! Before we know it August will be here and we will be finding out if we are having a girl or boy! Here is a little update.

Baby's heartbeat is very strong and fast at 164! The doctor found it right away this morning and he/she is pulling stunts just like Jaelynn did with moving around lots while trying to get a reading. My blood pressure was 100/67!! I thought I heard her wrong! My swelling is totally normal. She said it is from the heat and humidity and to not worry but to just keep pushing the fluids. The best development this week by far was confirmed today though. The baby can now hear us in utero! Jaelynn has been singing and talking to the baby every night and this week when she started talking the baby would move he/she is responding to big sister already! ♥

We are just feeling so blessed with this pregnancy. Around this time I started having issues with Jaelynn so to have the doctor look bored during the appointment is a nice change!