Saturday, January 23, 2010

Great Weight Challenge of 2010

It happens every year....January 1 comes and you vow to be healthy, get organized and lose weight. Well I decided this year not to make any 'resolutions'. I guess I figure if I have not expectations for the year then I can't be disappointed on December 31 right? It makes sense to me.

This all started a couple of weeks ago when we were getting ready to go run some errands. Kevin knocked on the bathroom door and said "Babe, I need to lose some pants are too tight!" I totally agreed with him. I need to lose some weight too so hey...lets do it together! In the spare sits a practically brand new elliptical that we got last year. (FOR SALE!!) Kevin told me that he doesn't like to work out on that because he is too tall and hits his head on the ceiling. He would rather have a bike. I was honest with him and said I don't work out on it because I lack motivation.

So we head off to run our errands and instead of stopping at B-Bops for supper we made the healthy choice to have Jimmy John's. Go us! On the way home we decided to put the elliptical up for sale and I decided to join Curves again. But that wasn't enough. You see we both needed even more motivation, so the challenge was thrown down!

30 days to lose 5 pounds or more. It started on January 11th and we will weigh in again on February 11th. The winner gets a 30 minute massage from the loser!

So far I have lost 3 pounds! Due to the weather this week I've only been to Curves once and I'm surprised and pleased to say that I miss it. What a great stress reliever 30 minutes on the circuit is! I think to date Kevin has lost 1.5 pounds. He says it isn't fair because I have equipment to workout on. I say it is fair because guys lose weight faster then gals anyway. Ah...I can almost feel that massage already!

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