Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Mistress and Early Labor

I finally gave in.* Kevin has a new girlfriend and her name is XBox 360. While I wasn't initially thrilled about the purchase, I understand that Kevin is a gamer. He was so excited when I finally said yes you can upgrade your dinosaur PS2. Then I got the privilege of listening to the pros and cons list for the PS3 and XBox 360. After much debate**, and playing a friends XBox, the purchase was made. With only a small tear in my eye, I watched my husband fall into the arms of a toy. He bought it Monday and hasn't been to bed before midnight since.

All of that changed yesterday though. A wonderful women, we will call her PR, gifted me with Guitar Hero and now I have a new girlfriend too! After a small panic attack last night when we couldn't get the guitar to work we were on our way. For a good 20 minutes I was a rock star. Not a very good one but that is besides the point! We now have a family game! That is right...Jaelynn played too! This softens the blow a little of losing my husband. Kevin told me last night that this really wasn't a game I would catch him playing on his own but he will play with me...and Jaelynn of course.

Daddy and Jaelynn

Check out the rock star tongue!
How am I doing daddy?

I have mentioned on here before that my younger sister is pregnant with twins. I'm so excited to meet my nephews! I just designed and sent out her baby shower invites on Monday and have been looking through different websites for instructions on how to make a diaper cake. I think the cake should be very easy and I'll post pictures and instructions when I'm done.

Gab is right around 30 weeks pregnant and doing much better. A few weeks ago during an ultrasound they discovered that the blood flow to Baby B was starting to decrease. So they have been keeping an eye on this (so far things look good) and just to be on the safe side, Gabrielle received two shots last week to help develop the babies lungs. The doctors are aiming for 35 to 36 weeks gestation. That will give the boys hopefully minimal time in the NICU.

Yesterday Gab's pregnancy took a turn in another direction. She started having contractions and thankfully they were able to stop them with meds. Unfortunately, Gab is now on bed rest! I haven't talked to her yet to get the specifics but it looks like we may be postponing her shower until after the babies are born. I'm going to check with her though to see what the doctor said exactly. If she is on modified bed rest we may still be able to have the shower, just at a different location. Please keep Gabrielle and the boys in your prayers! We really want another 5 weeks of pregnancy just to ensure that the boys are healthy!

*He talked about this almost every waking moment for 3 days...I had no choice...he wore me down.
**MUCH debate!! 3 days worth!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love is....

I really don't strive to be a crappy blog owner. I write post all the time in my head while I'm in the shower. Then I get out of the shower and have zero time to myself and before you know it I have forgotten what I'm going to write about! What I really need is a waterproof laptop....or more time to myself. Anyway, I wanted to write about my awesome hubby! I love him so very much and he made this Valentine's Day very special.

First off I should tell you that Kevin is an avid deer hunter. He hunts with a compound bow and a shotgun but his passion is the bow. A couple of years ago we were messing around one night with some friends and they talked me into trying out Chey's bow. Well...I fell in love and ever since Kevin and I have been looking for the right bow and the right time. That time came about a week and a half ago when Kevin found my bow online. I got it on Wednesday and Thursday Kevin had it set for my draw length and we had a friend cut my arrows down.

Isn't she pretty??!!

Friday we decided to let Jaelynn stay the night with Grandma and Papa so that we could go out on our Valentine's date. Kevin was taking me shooting! I was soooo excited. I even brought my camera but he told me it really would be kind of embarrassing to take pictures of me. We were just about to Happy.Apple when Kevin says, "Man...I really hope it isn't packed tonight." And I totally freaked out! In my mind it was going to be just Kevin and I and the person running the shop. It never occurred to me that there would actually be other people there. When I was younger something like that wouldn't bother me but the older I get the more I dislike being around a lot of people...especially in a situation like this one. Needless to say by the time we actually got there I was so wound up I was shaking.

I finally started to calm down a little once I started shooting. Kevin reassured me that I didn't suck and we were able to get my 10 yard pin and my 20 yard pin dialed in. Then my arm felt like it was going to fall off so we stopped. I had so much fun but did learn a couple of things from my very sexy instructor.
  1. Wear warmer clothes! I was dressed up a little because we were on a date. But the place where we shoot is a lot like a Mor.ton building and was not warm!
  2. BREATHE!! Kevin told me over and over to not hold my breath and to relax. So I'm going to work on that.
  3. Wear a sports bra. If you know me then you know that God really poured out His blessings on my chest. In archery you have to have a certain posture to help you shoot. I found this difficult because every time I got into the correct position my boobs were in the way. Kevin told me I need to flatten them out a little...not something he usually recommends!
I don't know if I will ever actually shoot a deer but I might. Right now I'm just going to enjoy target practice and spending time with my husband. Oh!! Here is a picture of what Kevin got me for Valentine's Day: