Tuesday, May 26, 2009


It is a beautiful rainy day here today. Perfect really after a long stretch of sunny days. You need a little rain to break up the sunshine I think. But, alas, it is making me a little blue.... The rain is making me think of what I would be doing if I were at home with Jaelynn right now....

If I were at home with Jaelynn we would be napping with the windows open covered by the "soft blankie". I always put Jaelynn in her crib for sleep time. I can only count a handful of times in the last year when I haven't. She sleeps better in her bed and I usually use nap time to get household chores done. But not today. Today we would curl up together and I would cherish the feel of her warm little body next to me.

We would be so tired because if we were home right now we would have spent the morning doing something very important to us. Jaelynn and I would have baked daddy cookies. Very serious and very hard work! After baking cookies and cleaning up we would sit on the floor and play This Little Piggy or tickle monster. Together we would sing Twinkle Twinkle and our ABC's a hundred times. Do you see why we would be so tired?

After our long nap we would sit out on the porch and watch it rain some more. Jaelynn would take my order...her new favorite pass time...and make me turkey. Then she would insist on brushing my hair and putting on my make-up and primping me until I look just right. By this time in the day I would have to break myself away from my little mini me for just a few moments to switch out some laundry but she wouldn't mind. Princess loves to unfold the laundry I fold and refold it herself.

Perfection. A 4 day weekend with my little bug. It hurt to drop her off today.... I know it hurt her too. Because it is raining and she knows that rainy days are best spent with mommy. Baking cookies for the man we both love and cuddling and laughing and sleeping.

I miss my little bug today.....

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