Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jaelynn does Sesame Street Live!


3 tickets on opening night: $49

dinner at Perkins: $30.93

Parking: $6

Seeing Jaelynn's face light up with the opening number: Priceless!

If you have young children and the chance to see this show, please take them! Jaelynn loved the show and was so good! I'm pretty sure that is the longest I've seen her be occupied with something since we introduced her to The Fox and the Hound! I'm so glad we went.

I really thought Abby Cadabby would steal the show for my little girl...but I was wrong. When Elmo came out I'm pretty sure she wet herself! And when the furry little monster left...she cried! She sang and danced along to itsy bitsy spider and even did her best to participate with the characters. When she noticed that Elmo and Abby were going out into the audience she held up her hands...I'm so sad I didn't spring for the VIP seats that would have allowed her to hug them! When all was said and done we did leave about 10 minutes early because Jaelynn's eyes were drooping and her 22 month attention span was shot.

With that being said....producers of Sesame Street Live:

Ditch the intermission. Make the show an hour long and sell your $8 Elmo balloons (we didn't get one) after the show. I promise you will still sell 200 of them.....especially if you make sure parents have to pass the balloons to get out the door.

Other fun and exciting family activities we want to do this summer:

Omaha Zoo
Iowa Cubs Game
Iowa State Fair
Farmers market

We just love giving our girl happy things to dream about!

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