Friday, May 8, 2009

Hi Cow!

Jaelynn got to experience the country life a little over the weekend thanks to our good friends. They have recently purchased a bottle calf for the boys and invited us out for a visit. Jaelynn is currently obsessed with animals...especially farm I couldn't pass this one up!

We were greeted at the farm by a couple of coon dogs. Jaelynn does a wonderful coon dog impersonation. Once our friend arrived and unloaded the boys were were off.

Now...I'm like 90-95% city. We live in a very small town and I consider it in the country because I have to drive 8 miles to the nearest grocery store. So I show up at the farm wearing capris and flip flops. Jaelynn was also sporting capris but thankfully I had enough sense to put tennis shoes on her! Anyway...the point is we had to actually walk through the pasture a little to get to the barn that housed Olive (the bottle calf). Thankfully the ground wasn't too muddy but we still did have to be careful of the cow pies...and I carried Jaelynn because she said it was icky.

We walked into the barn and there stood the cutest little cow I think I have ever seen! I'm pretty sure Jaelynn peed her pants. She smiled and said "Hi cow!" My little girly girl even pet the cow and got a kiss! I love that I have friends that live in the country so that I can give Jaelynn a taste of this life too! As soon as everyone is healthy we are going to make another trip out to the farm to gather chicken eggs!


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