Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Father's Day

This year we did something a little different for Father's Day. I still cooked Kev his favorite foods and we still spent some family time together. But my mom came down to watch the bug for us so we could go to the first annual John Wetzel Memorial Race.

John passed away in January this year and he was a very dear friend of ours. We miss him very much and have enjoyed being with his family, also our close friends, to share his memories.

The race and tailgating was amazing. There must have been 60 of us all sporting t-shirts in his honor. It felt good to sit in the bleachers again and it brought back a lot of memories from Kevin's racing days. There is just something about the smell of racing the fuel and the taste of ice cold beer on a hot June day. It was of course one of the hottest days of the summer yet and by then end of the night I was tired, sweaty and covered in dirt. But every second of it was worth it and so much fun.

John's brother drove the 61J in the feature parade laps. It was a very touching moment to see the 61J on the track again. The only thing that could have made it better is if John himself were in the driver seat getting ready to kick some butt. We miss you so much John! Your memory will live on forever.


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