Friday, July 24, 2009

Kids say the darndest things....

This is just going to be a post of funny things heard around our house at any given time of day. Life with a 2 year old is almost always entertaining!

*Set the scene...Progressive Insurance commercial comes on....Jaelynn says "Power to the people!" and shoots her hand up in the air.

*Set the scene....Subway commercial comes on..Jaelynn says "Eat Fresh"

"Daddy...that not nice...say sorry to Mommy right now! Kiss her!"

"Elmo bit me! Bad Elmo!"

"Mommy!! I poopin!!" (generally shouted from across the house)

"Zekie (the dog), that my mommy! Don't follow her!"

"You want chicken? Or tacos?"

"Bye dumb dog!"

Other funny things to note....Jaelynn has mastered the stairs and she darts up them at least once a night when I'm not looking. She has also taken to sleeping with at least 2 sometimes 3 of her blankies at once. When the phone better pray that you are faster then her because she has figured out how to answer it! Kev and I tried to fix this problem by just hiding the phone but then we can't find it when it rings. Have a great weekend!

*How the child picks up these commercials is beyond me. We have the tv on but she never watches it...I just assumed she wasn't even paying attention to it!

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