Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An Easter Recap


On April 11 Jaelynn got to enjoy her first egg hunt...and enjoy it she did! I can't even explain to you the joy that filled my heart as I watched her find those little plastic eggs. Yeah I know...it was just an egg hunt but seeing her face is what did me in. It made me once again grateful at the chance to see the world through her eyes for a split second.

To say she did well is an understatement! At one point Jaelynn set her basket down because it was too full and heavy and just ran to the eggs and back to her basket. Then Grandma came to the rescue and stuck some of the eggs in her pocket! At the end of the hunt Jaelynn dashed across the park yelling "Papa!! LOOK!!" Kevin had to miss the hunt but I did get tons of pictures and a couple of videos. If anyone can tell me how to load a video I'll put one up.

I also decided that dying eggs would be a great activity for us. I won't say much about it because it was kind of a flop this year. Jaelynn thought we were all having coffee and Kevin was really not in the mood. But it did yield me lunch for a couple of days!

We spent Easter with our families...splitting the time up as best as we could. Thanks to the wonderful haul that Jaelynn brought home at the egg hunt, the Easterimg_1199 Bunny didn't have to bring any candy! He did bring some very fun bath toys though....which later turned out to be a little much for my neat freak of a daughter! (Don't worry...I will elaborate on this in a separate post...I'm just sad that I didn't get any pictures!)

After donning our Sunday best we headed to church to watch the Word of Life team put on an amazing drama. It gave me chills and made me cry. It was also a great reminder that Easter isn't about dying eggs, Easter egg hunts or the Easter Bunny. It is about Christ dying for all of us and then rising again. The ultimate sacrifice.

And because I'm so not busy and I don't have enough going on I decided to host an Easter dinner that evening! It was fantastic but a major last minute decision...which I hate. Kevin, Jaelynn and I were at Fareway at 7 pm, the night before a holiday trying to find a ham. We wound up with a 20 pound ham. Not only did we all stuff ourselves silly but everyone was sent home with a bag of ham and my homemade rolls!

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