Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The eating strike is over!!

The past couple weeks have been rough at our house around meal time. For some unknown reason Jaelynn just decided that she didn't want to eat anymore. If she did eat it was very very little. I started to panic a little. Jaelynn has always been an amazing eater for me and now suddenly she was turning up her nose to even chicken!! Kevin and I just had to wait this out and use a little tough love. We would fix her plate and she would have to eat at least a few bites before she could get down. If she asked for a snack later the answer was no. In my defense...I don't put food in front of her that I know she won't eat. For instance...if we are having tacos I will fix her chicken nuggets because I know she won't eat tacos. This didn't just happen at dinner. It was happening at breakfast and lunch too! But over the weekend that all changed!

Saturday morning Jaelynn actually ate a really good breakfast! Then we made the long drive to my brothers and around 2 we had lunch. She ate again....2 pieces of pizza! Since she had done so well for 2 meals I didn't have high hopes for supper but she shocked me once again! This week the reports from Monica and grandma have been good...Jaelynn is eating and asking for seconds.

So last night I fixed one of her favorite meals...spaghetti of course! We sat down to eat and Jaelynn took 2 bites and said she was done! I told her that if she ate all of her supper I would give her a special treat. What do you think...did this plate deserve dessert or what!?img_1170

True to my word I let her have a chocolate pudding herself....


But at least she ate.....

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