Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday!!

Saturday we made the long drive to my brother's for Jaiden's first birthday. Jaelynn was an absolute dream in the car. This was our first "road trip". She slept most of the time which gave her about a 4 hour nap all together on Saturday.

Because my brother lives so far away we don't spend much time together and the girls don't really see much of each other. Jaelynn sure does love her cousin though! She gave her kisses right away and kept talking about the baby we bought her. She also sang Jaiden her own version of happy birthday. Very cute!

Saturday night we went over to our good friend's house for pizza and hang out time. The kids were all really good and "Uncle" Brian decided to bring out his old He Man action figures. I think the big kids had more fun playing with them though!

Let's see...I'll bullet point a couple of funny things that have went on in the past few weeks:

-I stepped outside to light the grill and my MIL stopped by. I checked on Jaelynn who was playing in the living room and ran out to talk to MIL for a few minutes. When I came back inside my daugther had no pants....so now we have to be very careful about sweat pants because she is starting to undress herself....

-Sunday morning Kevin was watching Jaelynn and she figured out how to take her diaper off....We are now in big trouble!!

-Last night Jaelynn learned how to say cock-a-doodle-doo. It is soo stinkin cute!

-Full sentences are coming with regularity these days. Sunday morning it was:
"Mommy wake up! I want to watch tv!"

That is all for now! Oh, I'm reading the Twilight series and loving them! I just started the 2nd book so no spoilers please!!


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