Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Baby girl at 32 weeks

Well we had another wonderful appointment yesterday! I really can't thank God enough for Jaelynn and I's health. This pregnancy has been fairly easy on me. Things are starting to get a little more difficult now with the heat but I still love every minute of it! Anyway...on to the appointment. Tiffanie came with me to this appointment. It was great to have her there so she could hear her "neice"! My weight gain was okay...not what I wanted to see but I am still in the normal range. My blood pressure was slightly elevated at 136/76. They didn't make to much of a fuss about it but I get the feeling I'm being watched again. Jaelynn's heartbeat was strong and wonderful holding steady in the 140's. She is also in the head down position so let's hope she stays that way! I'm measuring right on at 32 weeks and really...things are just peachy.

I am planning on stepping up the physical activity level. I'm going to start walking at least two times a week and then swimming two or three times a week. pregnant butt is going to go to the public swimming pool. I am a brave soul! I want Jaelynn to stay in for at least another 5 weeks so that means I have to get this blood pressure back under control and take really good care of myself for the final stretch!

We have a busy weekend ahead. Saturday morning I'm getting a facial and a pedicure. Then off to Babies R Us to buy little miss's bedding. Saturday night we are doing our monthly girls night in. Lots of crazy stuff goes on in these few hours that we set aside for just us! There will be margaritas and chips and salsa and a good time will be had by all. Maybe they will make me a virgin margarita..... Then on Sunday we are having the baby shower! I'm so excited about this! All of my close friends and family will be there. I don't know what is going to happen cause I have been left out of the loop but I am sure it will be wonderful! Then Sunday night we have a birthing class and will probably collapse when we get home from that! Well...another appointment in a couple of weeks and I will try to post some pictures Monday from the shower! Love you all!

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