Monday, June 11, 2007

Wonderful Baby Shower!!!

So I had my baby shower yesterday and it was fantastic!! Tiffanie, Cheyenne, Angie, Mom, Mary and Donna were in charge of the shower and they all did so good! They decided to do a scrapbook theme instead of games. So while I was opening a mountian of gifts my guests were busy making scrapbook pages for me. They are so cute and I had a lot of people tell me it was way more fun then games. So was a social hour with yummy cake and punch...and as requested...cream cheese mints!

Kevin and I got a ton of stuff for Jaelynn! We have clothes and blankets and diapers and toys and....well you get the point. We only have a few more big things to buy and then just some little things. Eric (brother in law) is working at our house today on Jaelynn's room. Kevin I think is starting to get nervous about things getting done. I can't blame him. You can't walk through our dining room or living room without tripping over baby things!

So....again....thank you so much to all my girls that put all the hard work into my wonderful shower and to all of my guest that spoiled my daughter rotten yesterday! I love you all!

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