Thursday, March 12, 2009

Time flys when they grow up

Happy 20 month birthday baby girl!!

Oh my sweet little girl!! Where has the time gone?!! I swear just the other day you were a helpless infant. are a big girl! You don't sit in your high chair anymore but instead in a booster seat at the table. You eat with a spoon and fork and say please and thank you. We have conversations and I can actually understand what you are saying!! are so very smart. You amaze me everyday. Just the other day you sang your ABC's to me and then counted to 10!! You may have skipped a few letters and numbers but to me it was perfect. Every morning when we drive to town you point at the horses and cows.....I don't even have to tell you they are coming now.

I love to watch you learn and discover new things every day. Your daddy and I are so very proud of you sis! We are learning though with this new independence comes new fears for us. You fell the other day and scared us so bad! Daddy was afraid you broke something...even though you didn't even cry.

When you grab my face and give me kisses I melt inside. I love how you know when you are going to get scolded for something so you turn on the charm big time! You are so ornery sometimes...and we love that about you! Full of life and spirit. You are strong willed and stubborn. You are Daddy's little girl to the core.

Thank you Princess J for teaching so much about love, patience and parenting in the last year and 8 months. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives!


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