Thursday, July 5, 2007

Baby girl at 36 weeks

On Tuesday we had another doctors appointment and an ultrasound. They wanted to check and make sure Jaelynn's kidneys were normal and they were! Our baby girl is perfect!! She is weighing in at 6 pounds 1 ounce and you can tell that she has a lot of hair! She also has these really adorable chunky cheeks and she is just beautiful already. She stole our hearts even more Tuesday when she opened her eyes. You would have thought she was looking right at us. She is also practice breathing up a storm right now which is a very good sign!

This was also the appointment that I got checked for the first time. I'm a good 1 cm dialated and starting to thin. Jaelynn is head down and locked into position. She dropped last Tuesday and over the weekend engaged even more so it is pretty uncomfortable to do anything. My blood pressure is still elevated and I am still spilling protien but right now I am under the danger zone. They will continue to watch this each week.

Our bag is packed and Kevin is coming with me to the rest of my appointments...just in case. People are starting to put guesses in on how much longer it will be. I swear...if any of you say August....well...I'm going to be a mother so I can't finish that!

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