Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Scrap Happy

Last night after the little one went to sleep and my shows were over I tackled more cleaning. I was picking up the room and got a little distracted...big surprise. My scrapbook tote was sitting in the corner...neglected and sad. So I carried it over to the bed and started sorting through everything. Oh what memories.....

When I was pregnant my wonderful friends threw me a scrapbook baby shower. It was a wonderful idea. All of my guest made scrapbook pages that were ready for pictures. In theory.....this makes things easy. I take a picture, print it and attach to appropriate page. However, I haven't touched my scrapbook since I was pregnant. The last entry was at 27 weeks. I need to get this caught up because Jaelynn is now 9.5 months old.

I'm working on making a life style change right now and am going to lean on my scrapbooking. I am going to commit to one page a night. I know that once I get going again I'll be able to do more and be caught up by the time princess turns 1. This will also help keep my mind distracted so I don't turn to food and I can hole myself up in our room when I start to feel bitchy. It will be a very good thing.

On another quick note...Jaelynn has her 9 month check-up this afternoon and pre-op appointment. I'll update her stats tomorrow. Have a peaceful day!

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